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The presentations today could not have gone any better. Stephan, Elizabeth and Jennifer were amazing and really did a wonderful job at conveying the incredible depth and weight of the work that was completed. As a result – I wanted to again convey our sincere gratitude from everyone at the Forum and especially the GAC team. I think the deliverables you have given us with continue to spark many conversations in the weeks/months to come. Thank you so much for all of your amazing work on this project!Peter Bisanz, Global Agenda Council & Risk Response Network - Head of Outreach World Economic Forum

When Elizabeth talks about something missing in Leadership, I think what is missing is wisdom. I love the fact that my Global Thinkers Award is for Excellence in Life, because it is very ambitious and because I believe in the importance of connecting with our inner wisdom.Arianna Huffington President, HuffPo AOL Media Group

To you and your absolutely superb team a massive massive thank you. It was a truly superb event and an incredibly special way to collect my father’s, Sir David Frost, last award. All of the workshops were fabulous and everyone that I spoke to was similarly blown away by the whole event.George Frost

Elizabeth’s extensive experience as a researcher and broadcast journalist coupled with her networking skills and magical personality make her a formidable operator. She has strong business acumen, an ability to identify opportunities and an extensive knowledge of politics and business.Richard Peel, Director of Corporate Affairs, Camelot Group plc

It was such a great event! Many thanks to Global Thinkers for inviting me. The dinner was an opportunity to discover the extraordinary women of the MENA region: I was so impressed! All in all a memorable event!’Professor Saskia Sassen, Columbia University

Global Thinkers Forum in Jordan was a resounding success. Elizabeth brought together leaders and decision makers in all fields to celebrate the success of women in the Middle East. I am proud to be associated with Elizabeth and with the Global Thinkers. They are making a true difference!Salim Amin, Chairman Camerapix & Africa24

Thank you all for your amazing work on the GAC project. It was an honour to be associated with your work and to see how delighted WEF were to hear the results from Jen and Elizabeth last Friday. I have no doubt that the school, and future generations of our students, will benefit from the association. Marc’s guidance and mentorship were invaluable – all in all a really great job.Stephan Chambers, Director MBA degree at Saїd Business School, University of Oxford

Elizabeth is an energetic, smart and highly talented print and broadcast journalist with a passion for covering the world and improving global journalism. She possesses the highest editorial intergity and cares passionately about the future of her profession.Chris Cramer, Managing Director, CNN International

Elizabeth Filippouli is one of those rarest of people – super efficient, effective, charming and terrific to work with. Global Thinkers organised an event for the International News Safety Institute and it turned out to be the most successful we have ever staged. She is now on our Executive Board and we’re benefiting in a much broader sense from her ideas, energy and extremely amiable company.Rodney Pinder, Director INSI

Global Thinkers demonstrated a great sense of commitment in discharging thier obligations, with attention to details beyond the call of duty. Performing on required deliverables came with ease and to GEL’s great satisfaction.Wole Omoboriowo II, CEO Genesis Electricity Limited

The work of Elizabeth Filippouli on Global Thinkers Forum is formidable, from willing the initiative into being to ensuring the right networks were created to bringing it to community. It is a pleasure seeing her create and manage this Forum.Muna AbuSulayman, Young Global Leader (WEF), Advisor Philanthropy, Media, Education

Thank you for the well organized event! It was very good to be able to display my products in the room to entrepreneurs and investors from China and I really thank you for making this possible!Celia Czerlinski, Designer/CEO Celia Czerlinski

I would like to congratulate you on the very interesting and inspiring GTF event that took place today at Benaki Museum, Athens. The speakers were of very high caliber and the content was really great! Congrats again! We very rarely have the opportunity to attend such multi-cultural events in Athens.Marica Labrou, Chief Executive Officer Singular Logic

Elizabeth is a total, tireless, dedicated professional, while also warm and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend her.Michael Bland, MD, Michael Bland Communication Consultancy

I was really impressed by the support that Global Thinkers has been able to offer to the young industrious women of the MENA countries. Very few international organizations are giving them something tangible. You do!Sonja Lokar, Chairperson of the European Women’s Lobby

With bright professional experience and smart plans for the future, I believe that Elizabeth is the next generation business communication and media executive.Vladimir Krasojevic, Managing Director, Leapfrog-Valuechain

A recommendation for Elizabeth Filippouli really only requires one word: WOW. I have had the great privilege of working with Elizabeth in the evolution and development of News Xchange, the international news industry’s premier annual conference and conversation. I personally handpicked Elizabeth for the News Xchange Executive Team because of her fantastic energy, her creativity, her willingness to think things through in entirely new ways, her commitment to excellence and her open, collaborative style of working. Elizabeth brings passion and fierce intelligence to her work. She understands news, media, technology and innovation, and she is great champion for thinking globally and imaginatively. Her standard is of the highest order and she delivers every time. I recommend Elizabeth in the highest possible terms. She is a real doer and a real mover and shaker! She makes great things happen! And she is absolutely fantastic as a colleague and a team member. In a word, Elizabeth Filippouli is a WOW.Amy Selwyn, Managing Director, News Xchange