Global Thinkers was part of the core group and implementation partner for the Southern Neighbourhood Civil Society Forum in Brussels 30 April, 2014. The overall objective is to create a regional structured dialogue “to help bring civil society out of the periphery of EU-Mediterranean relations”. The Brussels Forum in April 2014 was intended as both a continuation of previous discussions in the consultation – Marseille, Malta, Dead Sea and exchanges in between – and a springboard for continuation.

Civil society organisations play a pivotal role in counterbalancing the state power. They effect action against authoritarianism and battle against vested state-controlling interests. On the other hand media – both mainstream and social – must be watchdogs which expose corruption and can help the promotion of good governance and accountability by providing accurate, balanced and timely information, diversity of views and in depth analysis of facts – all of which are of interest and relevance to civil society and the public good.



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