We organise strategically targeted regional events of national & international impact. We have worked with some of the world’s most prestigious international gatherings such as CNN World Report, News World, NewsXchange, the Olympic Games, UNAoC, UN Women. We know how to position the company/CEO as industry forward thinker/pioneer. We ensure industry speaking invites, build reputation. We provide editorial management, speech writing and public speaking training.

  • Creative event conception that effectively delivers the clients messages
  • Development of a powerful Brand Platform clarifying Vision and Mission and identifying Strategic Goals, Key Messages and Communications Methods
  • Planning and implementation of events that become memorable experiences
  • International Partnerships
  • International Speakers
  • VIP Speakers & Delegates
  • Sponsors Relations
  • Logistics management
  • Strong relationships with special target-groups and celebrities
  • Maximum media coverage
  • Evaluation and monitoring of event as well as its publicity

Global Thinkers is a member of the Association of British Professional Organisers (ABPCO) and always ensures the highest level of logistics, content and speakers for our clients’ meetings and gatherings no matter how small or big.

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