Select 168 is a full-service boutique concierge agency, dedicated to providing its clients with the best and most professional service available. Its lifestyle concierge service aims at making life easier, more beautiful and far more exciting for the S168 members. S168 organises anything that its clients lack the time, expertise or contacts to plan themselves. The agency offers the highest level of personalized services in the fields of: Arts & Collections, Fashion, Exclusive Properties market, bespoke holidays and dream travels, private transportation, Global Media relations, private or corporate event organizing of unique character for its corporate clientele and Ivy League University concierge for its young audience. Global Thinkers undertook the naming and branding process.

  1. 168 is regarded as a very lucky number for the Chinese, indicating accumulating wealth and prosperity
  2. ‘S168′ stands for ‘Select 168’ (选择168 in Chinese) and implies exclusivity, elite choices for elite clientele and a life of good fortune, wealth and joy.
  3. The logo concept was inspired by the Propitious Clouds () in traditional Chinese art. It symbolized luck and promise. Cloud can be related the meaning of traveling to a far place in some Chinese sayings. With the abstracted house roof from Chinese calligraphy, the logo reveals the company is related to the real estate business. The roof with the combination of the clouds form the character “”, meaning “palace”, which is related to a luxury and respectable place.screen2.jpg
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